Restaurant 1889

After something a bit more upmarket? Experience our uniquely historic Restaurant 1889 (entrance located inside the Brewpub). Restaurant 1889 blurs the line between traditional bistro and fine dining establishment. A bit flash, but not hoity-toity. 

T’was once the Townsville Post & Telegraph Office. It was a purpose built colonial government building, commissioned in 1886 and completed on 2 December 1889 – it is 3 fine example of a late Victorian architecture which is heavily influenced by the renaissance and gothic style revival movement: vet retained some elements of classical Georgian designs, including columns, proportioning, high ceilings, and porches.

Later known as the Townsville General Post Office it remained significant as a telegraph and post office for over a century.

It became a commercial entity when it was transferred to the Australian Postal Commission in 1985, and in 2001 it was bought by the Ramm family who redeveloped it into a micro-brewery complete with a tavern, restaurant and a night club which was later converted into a banquet centre. In 2020 the Bredhauer family took ownership and the brewery remains a family run entity. Passionately called The Brewery or Townsville Brewery by the locals, is is the place to quench the thirst with freshly brewed beer, to hang out with family and friends and to celebrate special events.

The restaurant has had several reiterations – it was a sports bar, an award-winning Malt restaurant. and a Smokehouse restaurant. Its destiny changed again in September 2021 to serve fresh, wholesome food that pleases the palate of everyone, and that has no boundaries as to the offering in terms of cuisine.

In acknowledgement of its richness in history, the new restaurant is named after the completion date of the building • Restaurant 1889.

Restaurant 1889 Seafood meal with beer and wine
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